Dirty doctor’s appeal fails

A JAILED psychiatrist who paid one patient to bash another in a bid to shut her up has failed to overturn his conviction.

Ian Anthony Martin, 62, of Karoola, was jailed for 18 months in February after a jury found him guilty of attempting to interfere with a witness who was pursuing a complaint against him.

The Supreme Court in Launceston heard Martin had a habit of forming sexual relationships with his patients.

When an affair ended with one patient, the woman made a complaint to the Medical Complaints Tribunal.

The jury found that in 1998 Martin promised to pay a patient and ex-criminal Gregory Kirkland $1000 to use violence against the woman to dissuade her from giving evidence at the tribunal.

Kirkland was only paid $500 because the woman did not answer the door and he was only able to damage her cars and make a threatening phone call.

In April Martin appealed against his conviction on the grounds that certain evidence was wrongly admitted and that the trial judge erred when he gave directions to the jurors.

The Court of Criminal Appeal yesterday dismissed the appeal two to one.

Martin, who was struck off the role of medical practitioners for 15 years in 2005, can apply for parol after December 21.