The West Australian

A 62-year-old woman has described freezing with fear as her psychiatrist sexually abused her during a session for post-natal depression in the 1970s.

Former psychiatrist Alan John Stubley, 80, is on trial in Perth Supreme Court accused of forcing sex offences against two of his female patients in the mid-late 1970s.

One of the alleged victims today told the jury the doctor had abused her on her first face-to-face session after being discharged from a psychiatric hospital where Dr Stubley had treated her for post-natal depression.

She said she had been shocked when the doctor told her to sit on his knee.

“It was just a terrible silence and then he repeated it (in a tone that) was very authoritative, quite demanding,” she said.

“He put his hand on my leg and he rubbed his hand up my leg and between my legs.

“I just froze, I was just so afraid. I was afraid of him and what he might do to me.

“I said I didn’t want to do this.”

Prosecutor Alan Troy said Dr Stubley had abused his position by taking advantage of his patient’s vulnerability in the pursuit of his own sexual gratification.

He said the two women submitted to the sexual contact because they had felt intimidated.

Mr Troy said one of the victims, who continued seeing the doctor for decades, had feared that no-one would believe her if she spoke out at the time about the alleged abuse.

“She had recently been in a psychiatric hospital and she didn’t think anyone would believe her,” Mr Troy said.

Mr Troy said she also feared she would be put in an institution if she did not continue to see him.

Defence lawyer Mark Trowell said the sex between his client and the women was consensual and there had been no intimidation.

“This is not a court of morals…he may well have acted unprofessionally as a doctor but that doesn’t make him guilty of criminal charges,” Mr Trowell said.