Hobart Mercury (Australia)
New sex counts dropped
By Amber Wilson
June 3, 2020

Ian Anthony Martin -psychiatrist

Ian Anthony Martin -psychiatrist

Disgraced Launceston psychiatrist Ian Anthony Martin, who notoriously had sex with his clients before hiring a violent criminal to shut one of them up, will no longer face court over fresh criminal allegations.

The lascivious 74-year-old started a new life in New South Wales after he was struck off as a practitioner in 2005 and jailed at Risdon Prison in 2008.

He was due to return to Tasmania this year to face the Supreme Court over allegations of indecent assault and aggravated sexual assault. But following an in-camera hearing in the chambers of Chief Justice Alan Blow, with the public and media precluded from attending, Martin has now been formally discharged without conviction.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court, which also placed a suppression order over Martin’s previous hearing in March – confirmed the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) asked for the septuagenarian to be discharged.

In 1994, Martin started sleeping with one of his long-term patients, who lodged a complaint in 1998 when he left her for another woman.

In a bid to block the patient from giving evidence to the Medical Complaints Tribunal, Martin hired another patient – former prisoner Gregory Kirkland, who he knew was violent – to harm her, her husband and two daughters, for a fee of $1000.

The next day, Martin only paid Kirkland $500 because he only made a threatening phone call, smashed some car windows and slashed some tyres.

The woman’s complaint was dismissed by the tribunal, but in 2002, another of Martin’s patients – who worked as a farmhand on the doctor’s two properties – lodged a complaint after the doctor sacked him In 2004, Kirkland did the same, and the tribunal hauled Martin back in 2005 to grill him over another patient he’d been having sex with in his consulting rooms.

He was struck off for improper conduct after the tribunal took evidence from another three women and 17 others who filed affidavits.

Martin was jailed for a minimum of 11 months in 2008, after a jury found him guilty of interfering with a witness 10 years prior.The DPP did not respond to the Mercury’s request for comment.