James Edgar

James Edgar

Tampa Bay Times
The Tampa psychiatrist got a shotgun after arguing with a pool cleaner, officials say.
By Robbyn Mitchell
September 11, 2009

— Excerpt

A South Tampa psychiatrist told police he was only trying to get a pool service man off his property when he went to the trunk of his car and pulled out a shotgun in June, say police reports.

Dr. James Roy Edgar, 64, was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon Thursday after the State Attorney’s Office issued a warrant…

Edgar told police he confronted Stephen Lafoe, 35, an employee of Bay Area Pool Service, outside his home at 3105 W San Isidro St., on June 9 because he had repeatedly asked pool cleaners not to park in his private driveway.

Lafoe said a work order for a customer in the neighborhood directed him to reach the pool through the rear entrance on an alley. He said he made two passes along the alley looking for the gate, but couldn’t find it. Then he stopped to make some notes and plug in his next stop on his GPS.

That’s when Edgar came out of his house.

Lafoe said he ignored the doctor as he yelled the first time, but then Edgar went into the garage and came back with a shotgun. The doctor said, “I told you to move,” as he pointed the gun at him, Lafoe told police…

Edgar was arrested Thursday on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He was released from the Orient Road jail on $2,000 bail…