Igor Magier

The Virginian Pilot
State board strips psychiatrist of license after series of run-ins
By Elizabeth Simpson
March 03, 2010

— Excerpt

A Chesapeake psychiatrist who was first investigated for improperly prescribing drugs more than two decades ago has lost his medical license.

The Virginia Board of Medicine’s decision last week to revoke the license of Igor Magier, who once had a practice on Cedar Lakes Drive, was unusual. In 2009, the board took this action against only three of the 31,200 medical doctors licensed in the state.

Magier was first put on probation by the board in 1989. Since then, he has received a fine, two reprimands, suspension of his license and, finally, the board’s latest and harshest punishment.

In court papers filed last week, the board revoked Magier’s license for failing to comply with a 2008 order to complete an assessment of his competency after a one-year suspension for improperly prescribing narcotics.

Reached by phone Tuesday, the 69-year-old Magier said he closed his practice in 2007…