Jonathan Kirsch

Westfair Business Journal
Kingston psychiatrist shrinks from buying White Plains practice
By Bill Heltzel
November 7, 2023

— Excerpt

A bankruptcy trustee has sued a Kingston psychiatrist to compel him to buy the psychiatric practice of a disgraced White Plains practitioner.

Albert Togut asked U.S. Bankruptcy Court on Nov. 1 to make Dr. Jonathan L. Kirsch pay $250,000 for the practice of former psychiatrist and current federal inmate Marc Laruelle.

Kirsch has failed to honor a contract to buy Laruelle’s practice, according to the complaint, has not responded to a subpoena for documents, has failed to attend court hearings and has not responded to the trustee’s phone calls and emails.

On Sept. 15, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Sean H. Lane found Kirsch in contempt and ordered him to pay $100 a day until he has complied with the subpoena and court orders…

The bankruptcy case was converted in January from a Chapter 11 reorganization to a Chapter 7 liquidation. Togut was appointed the trustee to maximize assets for the benefit of Laruelle’s creditors.

He has accused Kirsch of breach of contract and is asking bankruptcy court to enforce a binding contract.

Kirsch did not reply to an email asking for his side of the story.