The Cincinnati Enquirer (Ohio)
Doctor’s career on the line
By Kimball Perry
May 26, 2008

D’Souza accused of sexual impropriety with boys

Psychiatrist Leo D’Souza

Psychiatrist Leo D’Souza

Born and raised in India, Leo D’Souza became a medical doctor and child psychiatrist before building a respected practice over the last 20 years in the Cincinnati area.

Now, he’s fighting for his professional life and his freedom.

The 66-year-old Clifton child psychiatrist, who once was so respected he served as an expert witness for Hamilton County prosecutors, has had his medical license revoked and been accused of sexually touching or improperly examining the genitals of eight young male patients.

D’Souza’s insurance company also is accusing him of lying about the allegations and is seeking to void that coverage.

The sexual touching allegations – dating to 1998 – come from three young, male patients who say D’Souza sexually touched them when they should have received mental health help from the psychiatrist.

Each patient has filed civil suits against D’Souza.

Their allegations aren’t the only ones against the doctor.

Police and prosecutors accuse D’Souza of sexually touching or examining the genitals of five other young male patients ranging in age from 12-19.

“It shows he poses a threat to some class of people, adolescent or very young males,” Nicholas Bunch said.

Bunch and former Hamilton County Prosecutor Mike Allen are the attorneys representing the three young men who have filed civil suits against D’Souza.

“It is our position,” Bunch said, “that a psychiatrist on an outpatient basis has no justification for conducting medical exams – let alone genital exams – in an unchaperoned situation.”

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who has received additional training that allows him to treat patients for mental health issues.

“There is no evidence … that he was a pedophile,” said Bruce McIntosh, D’Souza’s attorney, who would not let his client be interviewed.

The State Medical Board of Ohio believed there was enough validity to the allegations that it revoked D’Souza’s medical license.

The action came May 14 after a damning report agreed with many of the allegations.

McIntosh had little faith in the report or the board’s revocation. “It was pretty clear that they had their mind made up before we walked in there,” he said of the hearing.

McIntosh said he plans to appeal that revocation.

D’Souza continues to practice psychiatry but has agreed to have a chaperone in the room for any medical exams.

Allen, the former prosecutor, suspects the criminal case against D’Souza was the result of the civil suits.

Allen said he began receiving “numerous calls” from other accusers and passed the information on to the Cincinnati police.

“I can only assume that’s what the culmination of that case was,” Allen said of the criminal charges.

“I have a unique perspective on it given my former occupation.”

D’Souza was indicted Feb. 5 by a Hamilton County grand jury for five counts of sexual imposition, or sexual touching.

Neither the pending civil suits nor the criminal investigation involves a 2005 allegation of D’Souza molesting a young male patient, a complaint that ended when D’Souza and his employer – Cincinnati Counseling Services – paid the accuser $7,500.

That settlement was part of the information D’Souza’s medical insurance carrier said the psychiatrist lied about in renewing his insurance.

The Medical Assurance Company of Birmingham, Ala., filed a May 5 suit against D’Souza seeking to have its $3 million insurance policy with D’Souza canceled.

The insurance company claims the psychiatrist told them of none of the lawsuits or criminal allegations against him, didn’t tell it of his 2002 firing from a Roselawn mental hospital – “People get fired all the time,” McIntosh said – or of the molestation accusation that was settled out of court.

The criminal charges against D’Souza carry a maximum prison sentence of 20 years. He is due back in court June 9.
Leo D’Souza

Born: India, 1941.

Education: Undergraduate degrees in chemistry and physics in 1962 in India.

Medical degree: 1982, American University at the Caribbean School of Medicine, Montserrat.

He has worked for Veterans Administration hospitals, Christ Hospital, Pauline Warfield Lewis Center in Roselawn, private practices in Cincinnati and Milford, Cincinnati Counseling Service.