Mark Green

The Boston Globe
Board pulls license of psychiatrist over sex, drug allegations Brookline doctor may be mentally ill
By Dolores Kong
June 28, 1995

— Excerpt

The state medical board has suspended the license of a Brookline psychiatrist for allegedly having sex with a patient and incorrectly prescribing medications to patients and himself. The board also says Dr. Mark D. Green may be suffering a mental illness that led him to have a bizarre run-in with police…

In April, Green called police to his home to report a housebreak, but no evidence of forced entry was found. Instead, the police confiscated a semiautomatic handgun that Green had tucked in the back waistband of his pants and noted that he appeared to be disoriented and delusional…

On June 1, Brookline police took Green to Massachusetts General Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, which concluded that Green may be suffering from delusional paranoid thinking.

The evaluation occurred after Green called the Tab newspaper and asked it to print pictures of members of the Brookline Police Department.