Muhammad Saeed

Arizona Daily Star
Ex-Tucson psychiatrist a fugitive in sex-abuse case
March 31, 2024
By Prerana Sannappanavar

++ Excerpt

A Tucson psychiatrist indicted on 76 counts of sex-crime and prescription-drug charges is a fugitive after court records show he fled to Pakistan.

Dr. Muhammad Saeed was indicted in December on 35 counts of sexual abuse, two counts of sexual assault, eight counts of fraudulent schemes and artifices, 26 counts of obtaining and procuring the administration of a dangerous drug and five counts of obtaining and procuring the administration of a narcotic drug, according to Pima County Superior Court documents.

Saeed, who is certified in psychiatry and internal medicine, practiced in Tucson from about 2008 to 2020, according to court documents. About June 2020, Saeed shut down his Tucson practice and moved to Philadelphia to work at a hospital. He specializes in treating people with bipolar disorder, depression, schizoaffective disorder and seasonal affective disorder, according to his latest position with the Eastern Pennsylvania Physician Alliance, LLC in Philadelphia.

Each of Saeed’s 76 charges are felonies…