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Rafael Cabrera Aguilar

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They find cause for arrest against a psychiatrist for lewd acts in San Juan
The complaints allege that the events occurred in the medical office of the man, who worked as a State psychiatrist.
By Alex Figueroa Cancel
April 1, 2024

The Justice Department confirmed that it filed charges Monday against the state psychiatrist, Rafael Cabrera Aguilar, for lewd acts and sexual harassment in San Juan.

Judge Juan León determined probable cause for arrest and set bail at $200,000. If he provides bail, he would be subject to the electronic monitoring measure.

The complaints allege that a mother and her daughter were the victims in the case, which dates back to July of last year, at their medical office.

According to the investigation by agent Heidy Maldonado, assigned to the Sexual Crimes and Child Abuse Division of the Police Bureau, both patients were receiving medical attention at the psychiatrist’s office at the time of the events.

“The crime of sexual harassment was committed against the mother, while the crime of lewd acts was committed against the young woman, at separate times ,” said Justicia, in a press release…