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EXCLUSIVE – Psychiatrist is slammed by immigration tribunal for saying that a man who appealed against his deportation to Cameroon after raping his own daughter does not display ‘distorted sexual attitudes towards children’
By Sarah Limbrick
September 12, 2023

— Excerpt

An eminent consultant psychiatrist has been slammed by an immigration tribunal for concluding an African man who raped his own daughter does not display ‘distorted sexual attitudes towards children’.

The twisted father was appealing against deportation to Cameroon on human rights grounds after serving an 18-year sentence for the harrowing ordeal he subjected his little girl to when she was aged between six and nine…

He was assessed by Dr Nuwan Galappathie to determine, among other things, the level of risk he posed if he was allowed to remain in the UK.

In upholding the Home Secretary’s wish to deport the father, the Upper Tribunal of the Immigration and Asylum Chamber described Dr Galappathie’s conclusion as ‘remarkable and extremely concerning‘.

And in a scathing verdict they said they could not consider the work of the doctor, who has been a medical witness in hundreds of criminal and civil cases, to be ‘objective and expert evidence‘.

When approached by MailOnline, Dr Galappathie asked for time to consider a response to the tribunal’s damning findings on his work in the case.

He said: ‘I have never come across this situation before, I don’t think I wish to comment.’

The Birmingham-based doctor’s website says he has supplied more than 1,000 psychiatric reports for courts and often gives evidence in cases all over the UK…