Suleyman Salih Zoroglu

Daily Mail
Psychiatrist ‘drugged up to 180 children and falsely convinced them they had been sexually abused by their parents so he could cash in on treating them’
By Chris Jewers
September 22, 2023

— Excerpt

A psychiatrist accused of drugging scores of children to convince them their parents had sexually abused them has been seized by police in Turkey.

Professor Suleyman Salih Zoroglu is said to have dosed nearly 200 youngsters with psychoactive drugs after they were taken to see him at his clinic in Istanbul in order to cash in on subsequent treatment.

Then, local media reports, he manipulated them to make them believe they had multiple personalities and had been subjected to sex attacks by their families.

Zoroglu and his staff were arrested in a police raid on his clinic on September 11, including a doctor who supplied him with illegal drugs.

Police believe Zoroglu – the head of the Department of Child Psychiatry at Istanbul Çapa Medical Faculty – clocked up huge fees while the ‘abused’ children were patients at his clinic, forcing families to pay up for treatment and drugs.

Zoroglu knew that while police were investigating the bogus abuse claims, he would be able to cash in on money for the children’s care, according to reports.

But instead of helping the youngsters, he used the sessions to reinforce their false memories of abuse and make their situation even worse…