The News Journal (Wilmington, DE)
Doctor disciplined for sex offenses

The Delaware Board of Medical Practice has disciplined a Dover psychiatrist who pleaded guilty in 2002 to two sex offenses involving young girls.

The board placed Dr. Gregory N. Villabona on probation, meaning he must be continually monitored, with another physician overseeing his cases, said Gayle Franzolino, executive director of the board.

In addition, he must have each of his patients sign a form saying they understand why he has been disciplined, and an adult must supervise his treatment of any patient younger than 18.

The probation of his medical license, which Franzolino said began at the end of April, is scheduled to run for five years. It runs concurrent to Villabona\’s sentence of \”probation before judgment\” by the Queen Anne\’s County Circuit Court in Centreville, Md. – a sentence that spared him a formal conviction.

Charges against Villabona came after an investigation sparked by the allegations of two women in 2001 who alleged that Villabona had sexually abused them from 1978 to 1985 when they were children.