Woman Accuses Psychiatrist Of Improper Relationship
West Des Moines Police Investigate Doctor

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — West Des Moines police are investigating a psychiatrist after a female patient claimed the two had an intimate relationship.

According to court documents obtained by KCCI, Dr. Gaylord Nordine hired a longtime patient to work in his office.

The woman reported that their relationship became intimate in late 2002.

In May, after the relationship apparently soured, the woman turned evidence over to police, including clothing, love letters, vacation pictures and a taped phone call. She said the items prove her intimacy with Nordine.

Court documents show police searched the doctor\’s office at 2700 Westown Parkway in West Des Moines. Investigators seized the patient\’s medical records and took a DNA sample from the doctor.

Court documents show Dr. Nordine had prescribed drugs, including an antidepressant for the female patient as recently as April.

No charges have been filed, but police said the investigation is continuing.

Nordine would not comment to KCCI.

Unethical Situation

Family psychiatrist Dr. David Drake is a former Iowa Psychiatric Society ethics committee chairman. Drake said even if a psychiatrist\’s relationship with a patient or former patient is consensual, it\’s at least unethical and can be illegal.

\”If you can imagine a woman who is revealing her innermost thoughts and pain and suffering to a male therapist who was listening to her, she might develop some very positive thoughts about the psychiatrist and fantasize about being involved with the psychiatrist romantically. And it\’s up to the psychotherapist or the psychiatrist to put down the limits and the boundaries and be clear with the patient about what the relationship is about,\” Drake said.