Ottawa Citizen
MD agrees to give up medicine after sex abuse accusations: Psychiatrist still faces criminal charges
By Lee Greenberg

TORONTO – An Ottawa psychiatrist accused of a string of sexual acts against two male patients has agreed to permanently stop practising medicine, halting a potentially lengthy disciplinary hearing set to begin yesterday.

Dr. Juan Ernest Tejeda Rosario was charged by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario with sexual abuse, sexual impropriety and \”disgraceful, dishonourable or unprofessional conduct.\” Among the alleged acts, Dr. Tejeda, 63, is accused of piercing a patient\’s penis and scrotum with a needle. The doctor is also alleged to have spanked and squeezed a patient and penetrated his anus with a riding whip and a toilet brush.

Prosecutor Jill Copeland told a five-member disciplinary panel yesterday that the college has agreed to drop the hearing, which was scheduled to last 16 days over the course of several months. In return, Dr. Tejeda immediately resigned from the college and agreed \”not to apply or reapply for registration as a physician or for a licence to practise medicine in Ontario or any other jurisdiction.\”

Neither Dr. Tejeda, who got his medical degree in the Dominican Republic, nor his lawyer, Todd Burke, attended the hearing, which lasted less than five minutes.

Dr. Tejeda appeared briefly in court last week to face six criminal counts of sexual assault in relation to the incidents alleged by the college. Those allegations have not been proven in court.

\”I can\’t comment on the agreement,\” Mr. Burke said in a telephone interview yesterday. \”The matter is before the criminal court … and as a result, I\’m not in a position to comment.\”

Neither of the alleged victims, referred to in the college documents as Patient A and Patient B, attended yesterday\’s hearing, but an official at the college said the men \”would have been notified\” of the agreement.

The details contained in the psychiatrist\’s notice of hearing contained several allegations, including one incident where he is alleged to have tied a rope around Patient B\’s genitals and led him around the office. He is also alleged to have engaged in intercourse with Patient B while the man put his head in the toilet.

Many of the alleged acts occurred in Dr. Tejeda\’s office, according to the victims. When Patient A disclosed the sexual relationship to officials at the Ottawa Civic Hospital, Dr. Tejeda is alleged to have urged him to retract the disclosure. He is also alleged to have paid the man\’s girlfriend $3,000 in return for her silence.

The two men were in Dr. Tejeda\’s care for 15 and 16 years, respectively. The sexual relationships are alleged to have occurred over eight-year and 11-year periods.

Physicians in Ontario are viewed to have committed sexual abuse if they engage in any sexual relations with a patient at all, including touching, intercourse and even remarks of a sexual nature.

The policy was developed with several factors in mind, including the general vulnerability of a patient and the power imbalance between patient and doctor.

As part of the agreement, Dr. Tejeda, whose current office is at the Smyth Medical Clinic on Russell Road, did not admit guilt on any of the allegations. The charges will, however, remain on the college\’s public register.