Rogers Psychiatrist - Brian Hyatt
Rogers Psychiatrist Brian Hyatt

Daily Mail
EXCLUSIVE: Arkansas psychiatrist Brian Hyatt brushes off cops as they order him to turn down blaring Trace Adkins music two days before arrest on Medicaid fraud charges
By Greg Woodfield
October 12, 2023

— Excerpt

The top Arkansas psychiatrist accused of a massive Medicaid fraud was confronted by cops just two days before he was arrested – while partying in a hot tub with two women at his $1.6million home, DailyMail.com can exclusively reveal.

An officer called to his 5,000 sq ft country club mansion on Saturday night because of a neighbor’s complaint about blaring country music discovered Brian Hyatt sipping a drink and relaxing with the females in his back yard.

It was the fifth time they have been called to the house this year on noise complaints.

Body camera footage exclusively obtained by DailyMail.com shows the moment officers arrived at the property to discover the doctor sipping a drink and relaxing with women in his backyard.

In a bizarre episode lasting more than 17 minutes, Hyatt can be heard in a back and forth with police, and at one point dropping the name of the local sheriff in an apparent bid to intimidate the officer, before ultimately being slapped with a fine. At one point one of the women asks if it OK to continue playing the loud music once the citation is served.

The unsuspecting doctor would be confronted with more serious legal troubles two days later, when the same police department arrested him on charges related to an $800,000 Medicaid scam he’s accused of orchestrating while head of Northwest Medical Center’s Behavioral Health Unit in Springdale…