St. Petersburg Times
Psychiatrist loses license
By Carol Gentry
October 3, 1992

Other doctors knew something was wrong with Bradenton psychiatrist Scott Orens.

They reported him to authorities, but little was done until one night in June 1991.

According to police reports, that’s when Orens grabbed a little girl in a restaurant parking lot, dragged her 20 yards in a hammerlock, yanked her head back by the hair and slapped her forehand and backhand until horrified witnesses intervened.

On Friday, the Florida Board of Medicine indefinitely suspended Orens’ license after an expert on mental illness and drug abuse called him “a danger to the public.” …

Orens, the Bradenton psychiatrist, was in trouble months before the night in June 1991 when he made a spectacle of himself at TGI Friday’s at Gulf Gate Mall.
In 1990, records show, he was convicted of drunken driving. Colleagues reported him to a state program that monitors doctors with mental or drug problems.
He was screened at several hospitals, including the University of South Florida Psychiatric Center. Psychiatrists there said Orens, 37, had a clear problem with drugs and alcohol and “an extremely severe grade of personality disorder.”

He needed to get out of practice and into long-term treatment, they said.

He didn’t. It’s not clear what action state authorities were contemplating, but before anything happened, Orens erupted at the mall and wound up in jail.
That prompted the Department of Professional Regulation to issue an emergency suspension of his license.

According to the report of the deputy who arrested Orens in 1991, the doctor and his girlfriend left her two young daughters in the parking lot when they went inside the restaurant to eat about 11:30 p.m. Orens told a waiter to take the children some coffee.

The children told the waiter they didn’t like coffee but were often forced to drink it, records say. So the waiter offered them cola and Oreo cookies instead.
When Orens saw the 8-year-old girl take a cookie, he became enraged, according to the arrest report.

In April of this year, Orens pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of battery. He was sentenced to a year of probation and fined $ 2,000.

Orens, who founded Gulfcoast Pain Medical Center in Bradenton, lives in Sarasota.