Calgary Sun
Disgraced Calgary psychiatrist Aubrey Levin facing new abuse allegations
By Kevin Martin
July 24, 2015

Shrink Aubrey Levin Sued

Psychiatrist Aubrey Levin Sued for $1.4-million

New allegations against disgraced former court psychiatrist Aubrey Levin have emerged.

In a $1.4-million lawsuit filed this week, a Calgary man alleges he was molested by the doctor from 1998 to 2002.

But in a statement of claim obtained Friday by the Sun, the plaintiff says he was referred by court order for a forensic assessment.

The man, whom the Sun is not naming because of the sexual nature of the allegations, said he had to go see Levin or risk jail.

“The plaintiff’s failure to comply with the court order would result in the plaintiff’s incarceration and/or other punitive measures,” his claim says.

During the time period “the defendant, Levin … sexually assaulted the plaintiff while the plaintiff was attending court ordered treatment and/or assessment,” it says.

Also named as defendants are the province, Alberta Health Services and its predecessors and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta.

Those defendants provided “Levin … with the opportunity to abuse his power, position and control over the plaintiff.”

They were negligent in “failing to properly investigate Levin’s background prior to issuing him a licence.”

The claim says the plaintiff’s Charter right not to be discriminated against was also breached.

“The actions of the defendants … were willfully blind to the systemic discrimination of the criminally accused which allowed for the creation of an environment that was unsafe, humiliating, and degrading to the plaintiff.”

The Limitations Act of Alberta prohibits commencing legal action more than two years after a plaintiff becomes aware a civil wrong was committed against him.

But the lawsuit says the man is still not fully aware of the gravity of what occurred.

“He does not know or comprehend that many of the injuries he suffered and continues to suffer are attributable to the defendants’ actions,” the claim, filed by his Calgary lawyers, says.

Because of the alleged abuse the plaintiff has suffered emotional trauma, physical injury and “illegal incarceration.”

Shrink Aubrey Levin Sued