Süleyman Zoroğlu

Hurriyet Daily News
Lengthy jail term sought for psychiatrist for manipulating children
December 1, 2023

— Excerpt

Istanbul Prosecutor’s Office has sought 943 years and nine months in prison for a psychiatrist for manipulating children through drugs and hypnosis and then blackmailing their families with false reports of domestic sexual abuse.

In the indictment prepared by the prosecutor’s office, it was stated that the suspect, Süleyman Şahin Zoroğlu, quickly diagnosed 21 victimized children aged between 7 and 18 with multiple personality disorder, prescribed “ketamine” – used for anesthesia and can cause memory loss – and asked sexually explicit questions during the sessions.

After taking this medication, the children believed what the psychiatrist told them with another hypnosis method and complained to their families. The children who were administered ketamine were kept either at the clinic or Zoroğlu’s house.

In the general evaluation made, it was noted that none of the children went to the clinic due to sexual abuse allegations and that each child applied with complaints such as distraction and exam stress, which can be encountered frequently depending on their age…

“I immediately understand the incestuous relationship through a hunch, by looking at it with a spiritual eye,” Zoroğlu said…