Rockford psychiatrist suspended after allegations of sexual misconduct
By Audrey Moon
January 27, 2015

A Rockford psychiatrist is immediately suspended after he is accused of inappropriately prescribing medications and being involved in sexual misconduct with several female patients, according to a notice of temporary suspension from the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.

The notice states Dr. William W. Wood is suspended as allegations against him “constitute an immediate danger to the public.”

The notice details accusations that Wood violated boundaries with several female patients at his practice by sending text messages of a personal and sexual nature, kissing, touching, and hugging.

In addition, the notice alleges Wood inappropriately prescribed controlled substances, including Percocet, to at least one patient he was treating for depression, anxiety and panic attacks. The notice states that Wood was aware of that patient’s history of prescription medication abuse and he continued to prescribe multiple controlled substances to her, knowing that she was overusing and overdosed on the prescribed controlled substances.

The notice goes on to state that Wood became aware that a local area Walgreens pharmacist refused to refill a prescription for this patient because she was taking too many medications. Wood instructed the patient to go to a different pharmacy.

These allegations are documented from July 2014 to November 2014.

13 News reached out to Common Boundary Wellness Center who confirmed Wood was an employee there. They declined to comment on the matter.

Wood is also an employee of Rosecrance Health Network, a healthcare organization based in Rockford. According to Rosecrance Communications Director Judy Emerson, Wood works for Rosecrance in SwedishAmerican Hospital’s Psychiatric Unit. Rosecrance has managed SwedishAmerican’s psychiatric services for the past couple years, Emerson says. She says after discovering Wood’s medical license had been temporarily suspended Tuesday, Rosecrance placed Dr. Wood on leave. His future status with Rosecrance is currently under review. Emerson says, to Rosecrance’s knowledge, none of the alleged incidents involved care provided on behalf of Rosecrance.

13 News also spoke with Paul Greenland of SwedishAmerican Hospital. Greenland tells us Wood had admitting privileges at SwedishAmerican, but he was not an employee there. Those privileges have been revoked due to the suspension.

According to the notice, Wood’s license has been revoked before. His Wisconsin medical license was revoked in May of 1986 for engaging in a sexual relationship with a patient of his psychiatric practice. In April 1987, that medical license was restored subject to limitations and conditions for a 3-year period. Wood was granted an Illinois license in October 1987 subject to conditions of probation until April 1990.

In March of 2012, the Illinois Medical Disciplinary Board specifically warned Wood about the importance of avoiding boundary crossing behaviors, such as hugging patients, according to the notice.

A hearing is set for Jan. 30, where Wood may contest his suspension. 13 News wants to be clear that the details stated above come from a notice of suspension from the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. This is not a criminal complaint.


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