Yil-Kyong Brenda Copen

Times Colonist
Psychiatrist sidelined for two months by College of Physicians and Surgeons
By Andrew Duffy
December 16, 2021

— Excerpt

A Victoria psychiatrist has been suspended from practising for two months and formally reprimanded by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of B.C. for acting beyond her scope of practice and hiring patients as employees.

In a consent agreement reached with the College following an inquiry, Dr. Yil-Kyong Brenda Copen acknowledged she prescribed medication and provided medical care to an employee outside of her regular scope of practice and was complicit in the hiring of patients to work at her clinic and for her private businesses unrelated to her clinical practice.

Under the agreement with the College, Copen’s registration has been transferred to a disciplined class of registration, she’s had a formal reprimand, been suspended for two months, been ordered to complete a multi-disciplinary assessment program and participate in continuing medical education and professional development in the areas of ethics and professionalism…