Zinia Thomas

Psychiatrist Zinia Thomas

Local doctor known for giving medical marijuana cards could lose her license
By Lauren Trager
September 26, 2022

— Excerpt

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) — A local doctor could lose her license because she is now facing discipline for doling out medical marijuana. Dr. Zinia Thomas is also facing criminal charges.

We’ve met Dr. Thomas before. She’s a licensed psychiatrist in Missouri who runs several local businesses. But she also took her medical marijuana practice on the road and that could ultimately send her career up in smoke.

In 2019, News 4 Investigates went undercover as Dr. Thomas took her Cannibus tour to a shop in Festus. KMOV employees filled out a form and though they were never seen personally by Dr. Thomas, she diagnosed one of them with a debilitating psychiatric disorder to qualify them for a medical marijuana card. In fact, she did it for everyone there.

It’s just that practice that now has her in trouble with the state of Missouri.

The complaint, filed just last week, alleges Dr. Thomas “demonstrated conduct or practices which are or might be harmful or dangerous to the mental of physical health” of patients, claiming “repeated negligence” in her duties…