Babak Akbari

Brisbane Times
Sacked psychiatrist tries to sue Qld hospital after six-page complaint
By Toby Crockford
May 28, 2021

— Excerpt

A sacked Queensland psychiatrist tried to launch a defamation case against the hospital where junior doctors had written a six-page letter of complaint about him.

Dr Babak Akbari was fired from Mackay Base Hospital, on the state’s central coast, in March 2019.

He then tried to file a defamation case against the Mackay Hospital and Health Service and Dr Paul Henderson, who had made the decision to terminate Dr Akbari’s employment at the hospital and who referred him to the Health Ombudsman.

Defamation proceedings must be launched within a year of the date of publication of the allegedly defamatory material.

Dr Akbari filed his case on September 7, 2020, 158 days past the one-year limitation period, which cut off on April 4, 2020…