Kernan Manion, North Carolina Psychiatrist, reported seeing people on the beach at night with red, green or white lights mounted on their heads.

BEFORE THE NORTH CAROLINA MEDICAL BOARD In Re: Kernan T. Manion, M.D., Respondent. NOTICE OF CHARGES AND ALLEGATIONS; NOTICE OF HEARING The North Carolina Medical Board (“Board”) has preferred and does hereby prefer the following charges and allegations: 1. The Board is a body duly organized under the laws of North Carolina and Chapter 90 […]

Dope Smoking Largo Psychiatrist in Trouble with the Department of Health

Psych News Psychiatrist Arrested in Clearwater for Possession of Marijuana By Joel Voss Sep 20, 2011 Largo, Florida psychiatrist Ronald Knaus was arrested on July 2, 2010 in nearby Clearwater for possession of marijuana. The police initially approached him due to a handgun in his waistband, per the police report. He pleaded no-contest in open […]

Jopindar Harika, Penn. Psychiatrist, previously convicted of bogus billings, now charged with writing prescriptions while suspended

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Monroeville psychiatrist charged with continuing to work while under suspension By Torsten Ove February 5, 2015 A Monroeville psychiatrist with a felony conviction for bogus billings in the 1990s has been charged again with writing prescriptions and seeing hundreds of patients in the eastern part of the state while under suspension in the […]

Psychiatrist George Kubski defense: “MY BRAIN WAS SHRINKING”

Palm Beach Post PSYCHIATRIST GETS YEAR FOR PATIENT’S PILL DEATH By John Pacenti and Antigone Barton February 1, 2003 He killed one of his patients by prescribing more than 20,000 pills in three months. On Friday, facing 15 years in prison, Dr. George Kubski could offer no explanation. But fellow physicians testified they had solved […]

Court Rules Psych’s Penis Measuring Treatment has “No Relation to Medical Treatment” and “No Evidence of any therapeutic benefit”

WFMJ NY court: Penile stimulation test ‘invasive’ Oct 03, 2013 By LARRY NEUMEISTER Associated Press NEW YORK (AP) – Subjecting a sex offender who is no longer imprisoned to “extraordinarily invasive” penile stimulation testing risks violating the premise that even convicts retain their humanity, a federal appeals court said Thursday. The ruling by the 2nd […]

Shubhranjan Ghosh – Psychiatrist Indicted by Grand Jury for Medicaid Fraud

KTVA CBS 11 News Anchorage psychiatrist indicted for Medicaid fraud July 25, 2014 ANCHORAGE A federal grand jury has indicted an Anchorage doctor on 18 felony counts of Medicaid billing fraud. Dr. Shubhranjan Ghosh, 39, of Anchorage is also charged with committing a scheme to defraud Medicaid, tampering with evidence in an investigation and 15 […]

Marshall Hubsher, NY psychiatrist, accused of raping patient, surrendered license, now arrested on drug charges

News12 Long Island Doctor, ex-psychiatrist accused of selling pills October 30, 2014 HEMPSTEAD – A doctor and a former psychiatrist in Nassau are accused of selling prescription pills. Prosecutors say Marshall Hubsher, along with Dr. Howard Mahler, conspired to sell prescription drugs such as Xanax and Adderall. They say the pair was working out of […]

The Facts and Lies of Electric Shock “Therapy” The Facts and Lies of Electric Shock “Therapy” By Colin Taufer October 2018 When it comes to the art of eloquently disguising falsehoods as truth, psychiatrists have no peers. They spend billions on marketing their deadly madness, turning scientifically unsound theories and destructive “therapies” into carefully crafted ad campaigns full of soothing music, pleasant […]

Jean Eric Gassy, Aussie Psychiatrist, Sentenced for Murder

The Australian ‘Cool, calculated’ psychiatrist killer gets life By Jeremy Roberts October 29, 2004 A FORMER psychiatrist has been sentenced to at least 34 years behind bars for the execution of mental health boss Margaret Tobin after a judge yesterday ruled he was “profoundly dangerous” and should probably die in prison. In handing Jean Eric […]

Mark Batory

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Police release report about two men found dead in Wauwatosa. It cites drugs, sex and money issues. By Karen Pilarski September 25, 2018 WAUWATOSA – More than a month after a murder-suicide involving a well-known Wauwatosa psychiatrist and his estranged boyfriend, police have laid out a story of drug abuse, financial trouble, […]

Wagdy Botros, Kitchener Psychiatrist, license revoked – “History of Misconduct”

CBC Kitchener sleep doctor’s license revoked by Ontario regulatory body September 25, 2018 The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario has revoked the licence of a Kitchener psychiatrist after he failed to co-operate with a multi-year investigation into his sleep medicine practice. Dr. Wagdy Abdalla Botros’s certificate of registration was revoked on Sept. 21, […]

NY Psychiatrist Pamela Buchbinder Bail Denied – charged for role in Failed murder plot

New York Law Journal Appeals Court Denies Bail to Psychiatrist Charged for Role in Failed Murder Plot By Andrew Denney September 25, 2018 An appeals court has denied bail in the case of a psychiatrist who has been in jail for almost a year while she awaits trial for charges that she orchestrated a botched […]

Psychiatrist John H. Wisner – Kansas & Missouri still have him licensed after defrocked for child sex abuse

Kansas City Star Priest defrocked for child sexual abuse still holds medical licenses in KS and MO BY JUDY L. THOMAS September 24, 2018 05:30 AM A former priest in the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas remains licensed to practice medicine in Kansas and Missouri despite being defrocked this year after church leaders determined […]

Kim Eisenreich, formerly known as Kim Jørgen Holtz, Danish Psychiatrist, convicted for the third time “used a former patient’s mental illness to get sex with her”

Google translation: CRIME September 21, 2018 Psychiatrists are sexually convicted for the third time By Birger A. Anderson “It was unethical, but not illegal,” it said during the case of psychiatrist Kim Eisenreich about his sexual relationship with a former patient. But Glostrup’s court found it illegal because he had used the woman’s insanity […]

Danish Psychiatrist sentenced – sexual exploitation of mentally ill female – (previously convicted of similar crimes in Denmark and Norway)

Google translation: Former psychiatrists sentenced to exploit female mental illness 21-09-2018 A former psychiatrist has been found guilty of having used a woman’s mental illness for a number of years to achieve sexual intercourse with her. Case No: SS-2696/2017 The case briefly A 52-year-old former psychiatrist was charged for using from 2004 to 2016 […]